Product Introduction: Handmade Gift Toppers - Embroidered Monogram Buttons

Thursday, August 20, 2015

I am so excited to finally be able to introduce my newest packaging product line...Handmade Gift Toppers!  Just to give a little background on them, I first had thoughts of this line back in 2013.  Over two years ago!  I spent a lot of time scribbling on paper trying to come up with designs and dreaming up accessories to make things even more fun.  I don't know exactly what was holding me back on finishing these up.  I knew this was something that was good because it was an idea I just couldn't let go.  Don't you every have one of those, a project of some sort that requires a little more extra work than you expect and it sort of intimidates you to really get started on it, but that idea just sticks around no matter what?  I finally gave myself the push I needed to finish the very last button in the first set and they turned out exactly how I envisioned them!

Welcome to my hand-embroidered monogram buttons!  They are hand-embroidered onto cotton fabric using monograms I have personally designed.  They are also mounted by hand onto buttons which include a small metal shank for easy attaching.  I include a length of cord in either silver or gold and in either 12 inch or 18 inch lengths.  Simply loop it through the shank and tie a quick knot.

When I wrap it around the boxes, I like to hide the knot behind the button instead of under the box so the box doesn't get all wobbly.  A 12 inch cord can wrap easily around small boxes, or stretch to accommodate a 21 inch circumference box.  An 18 inch cord can stretch to wrap around a 32 inch box.  If the cord is too long, simply snip off the excess!

I have also designed several coordinating add-ons that work great with the button topper.

First up are the Colorful Doilies.  You can choose from a large assortment of colors and, since they are made out of quality 110 lb cardstock, they hold up so well to all your handling while you're putting things together.  I love using doilies in my packaging, but they're always so delicate and typically only come in white.  Now you have a choice of 35 colors!

I offer them in small, large, or heart shape.  I really like how sweet they look by themselves, but they look even better layered.

Next are these sweet Wool Felt Bows.  They come packaged flat, but are super simple to put together.  Just string all the holes together onto your cord and they fluff up so cutely around the button.

Even better, since they are made out of 100% wool felt, they are very durable and can totally be reused again and again.  Right now, they are only offered in white and will complement any packaging color scheme.

And lastly, I have the Paper Rosettes.  These also come in the same number of color choices as the doilies so feel free to mix and match here!  Create a monochromatic scheme or use different color combinations.  They are also made from the same quality 110 lb cardstock as the doilies and hold up very well even under tightly stretched cords.  So simply and yet so cute!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my new products as much as I enjoyed finally being able to present them to you.  This was truly a labor of love.  Happy Wrapping!

Products featured in this post can be found at my Etsy shop, ink & scissors.

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