Assembling the Felt Bow

Friday, August 28, 2015

One of the coordinating add-ons for the monogram embroidered gift toppers is the 100% wool felt bows in white.

They come packaged unassembled in two pieces like this.  It's super simple to put together, but pictures do make things so much easier to explain.

How to Assemble the Felt Bow

1.  String your button onto the stretch cord.

2.  Starting with one of the ends, string the cord through the holes, putting it through the "legs" first before finishing up with the middle.

TIP:  It works best when you push the cord through the same side of the "legs".  It lays down nicely.  You can also assemble starting from the center first and then the legs, but the final product looks fuller when you start with the legs.

3.  Repeat with the second section.  Adjust both pieces so they form a circle around the button.

 4.  Tie a knot, joining the two ends of the cord together.  Hide the knot underneath the felt bow and wrap around your package.

Simple right?  Honestly, it's harder to describe the process than it is to actually do it.  Assembly takes maybe 2-3 minutes, and that's even after messing up the first time.

 Here's a photo showing the different sizes.  Pretty right?  You can also layer the two bows to make an even fuller bow, but they're pretty enough on their own.

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