Project Life Redone

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Documenting more of my family's daily life has been one of my goals.  In the last two years, I noticed a definite lack of photos and memories, and I wanted to change that.  Back then, I had tried to get into the whole Project Life thing.  The concept was perfect for what I wanted to do, record more of the daily events.  But I just couldn't get motivated.  I had all the various protectors, bought some of the kits, and a lot of desire to get this started.  But recording everything by the week seemed too hard to keep up with and I felt all this pressure to make sure and take enough photos, even if there was only room for eight for a week.  I tried getting into Project Life at various times and I have these mini spreads started but never completed for long.

Then, in November, I decided to really make it happen.  But to do so, I had to change things up a bit.  I couldn't keep myself caged to a set format of weeks documented.  So I decided to just go with it and document however I wanted!  This sounds so simple, but it was freeing.  I decided that if I didn't have a photo for something, I didn't care and just went ahead and wrote things down.

This changed things up so much.  I was able to continue with my Project Life album because I didn't feel like I had to do it a certain way.  November was a great month for exploring this new idea.

Some of the things I liked to do was add in bits I picked up in the mail that caught my eye, like that little Gecko with Nestor's college jersey.  How cute was that?  I also felt free to add in all the cute bits I had been saving up like sentiment cards.  They weren't just "filler" cards anymore.  I wanted them in there because they made me happy.  That was enough of a reason.

This project has become more a diary instead of an album.  And I like it that way.

I like that my husband has also gotten into documenting with me.  Things will happen that he think will be so fun to put into our album.  He likes that it captures those bits and pieces that make him laugh.  And this is exactly what I wanted for my album.

November was definitely a fun month to rediscover my love of documenting.

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