Crafting Essentials: Paper Trimmers

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Working with paper so often, I have found that certain tools just make life easier.  They also  make crafting more enjoyable!  Scissors are a definite must, but for bigger jobs, a paper trimmer is my favorite tool.

Just like my multiple pairs of scissors with their specialty jobs, I have a few trimmers for different purposes.

For heavy duty cuts and large pieces of paper, my trimmer of choice is the Tonic Studios 12" Large Base Trimmer.  The steel edge guillotine slices through 110-lb cardstock easily.  The large base is perfect for cutting scrapbook papers to size, but it also light enough to move around my worktable.  My favorite feature is the blunt-to-the-touch guillotine edge.  I have memories of scary sharp trimmers from elementary school day, those with the heavy steel bases and super sharp blades.  But with the Tonic Studios trimmer, I can literally run my finger along the edge and not hurt myself.  Safety first!  Despite the blunt edge, it is still as sharp as the day I bought it 5 years ago, truly making it a worth investment.  I have used it with chipboard, corrugated cardboard, and multiple sheets of cardstock, and it doesn't even bat an eyelash.

My second trimmer is the Fiskars 9" Bypass Trimmer.  This is my trimmer of choice when I'm working on a scrapbook layout.  I love the smaller portable size and how it makes it so easy to tuck away and pull out.  My Tonic Studios has its own dedicated spot on the opposite side of my work table, but this tiny Fiskars is always close at hand when I'm in my chair.  It's just right for trimming photos and mats down to size.

Crafting Essentials is a series of posts describing the crafting products I cannot do without.  You can check out more of my favorite crafty products here.

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