Low Carb Diet: Week/Weekend 3

Monday, July 18, 2016

In an effort to keep track of what I eat, I've been taking pictures of some of my meals.  As you'll notice, I missed one of my meals on the weekend so it's not foolproof!  But I think it's been kind of fun using photos as a food diary and I'll try and keep up this week.  So my results for last week were...

A few takeaways from the week:
  • We added a little more variety to the diet which made things more interesting.  I can only eat so many eggs at a time.
  • Lavash is a type of flatbread that can commonly be found close to the deli counter.  It's semi low-carb, I think around 8g of net carbs for a whole piece.  We loaded it up with ricotta, cheese, and turkey pepperoni.  I'll post a recipe once I find the perfect combination of seasoning for the ricotta spread.
  • The cream of broccoli soup was actually incredibly filling!  I loved the silky texture of it.  The cheese "crackers" were something Nestor looked up online and make an interesting side for the soup.

A few takeaways from the weekend:
  • Like I mentioned above, I totally missed what I ate on breakfast for Saturday!  All I know is we stayed home that day so it was probably something egg related.
  • I'm in love with the Alaskan Pollock Fish Burger patties.  These were a sample at Costco one weekend and I was surprised by how tasty they were.  Even Aiden ate a few bites!  They aren't completely zero carb, but they are low enough in carbs and calories that I think it's acceptable.
  • Sauteed cabbage is my new favorite side dish.  I've never been a big fan of salads so incorporating them into my diet has been hard.  But give me cauliflower or cabbage any day!

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