Product Sneak Peek: Christmas Memory Cards

Monday, November 11, 2013

Since one of my goals this month is to restart Project Life, I have been thinking of ways to make it more interesting.  I'll go into more details on a different post on how I'm changing up how I approach Project Life, but one of the things I pinpointed about what makes it difficult for me to continue at it was not enough creativity.  I loved scrapbooking because of all the tiny touches and embellishments I could add to it, but I had a hard time doing much of that in my Project Life album.

So...I decided to come up with some inserts of my own!  Little snippets that can be added to the pockets along with purchased items.  I've been so happy coming up with ideas for mini collections using items I already own.

The first set I've put together are Christmas Memory Cards.  I have created additional sets which can also be purchased at the shop.  Since these are items I plan in using for my own documenting, they coordinate with the patterned papers I was planning on using this year, namely the Wonderland Collection by Studio Calico.  I loved the colors used in this collection. 

Each 3x4 card is die-cut and then hand-stamped with different fill-ins for a favorite Christmas memory. 

The fill-ins included are:
  • Tradition
  • Activity
  • Decoration
  • Recipe
  • Ornament
  • Moment
  • Wish
  • Movie
  • Book
  • Food
  • Song
  • Memory 

I am looking forward to filling these out as the month of December progresses.  I can't wait to see what my husband writes on the cards.  It's always so nice to see things through his eyes and this is such a great way to document it!


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