Autumn Decor: Painted Gourds

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Autumn may be my absolute favorite season of the year to live in, but it's not one I typically decorate for.  This year, I really wanted to incorporate just a few small touches to bring my favorite season indoors.

While strolling the aisles of Jo-Ann a few weeks ago, I spotted these tiny paper mache gourds on clearance.  Tiny gourds practically scream autumn to me!  I always want to buy a ton of them in the grocery store, but I didn't feel right buying a bunch of them just for decor.  At least with pumpkins, you can also carve them instead of leaving them whole.  Anyway, I'm just a sucker for playing with craft paint and getting my hands dirty so it wasn't too hard to resist buying them.

 These were incredibly easy to make.  I didn't try for the realistic look at all.  Gifted painter I know I am not.  Solid hues of metallic colors were just right for me.  I used tiny dabber paints from Ranger in silver, gold, and copper.  Instead of using the sponge dabbers, I just dipped my brush right into the bottle so I could have more control in the amount of paint used.  These paints covered so well that they only needed one coat to completely cover the kraft.   

Just lovely.  This little diy project took me less than half an hour to complete and now I have a tiny bit of autumn in my home.  Best part...they are reusable year after year! 

Does anyone else do impulse purchases of paper mache objects because they are too cute to resist?

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