An Update...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

So...things have been a little quiet around here despite my goal to add more to this blog.  Blaming this completely on the stomach flu which had me lying up in bed for the better part of a day and a half.  Then finally, my husband came home from travel and was able to take care of me.  My first day up and actual able to move around, this little scene greeted me.  I was checking on emails and convos on Etsy and I happened to look over at my work table.

So this is what I look like sitting there! was a little different seeing things through his eyes.  Doesn't he look so intent on crafting?  In actuality, he is just trying to open up a package using my scissors.  Why is it that they always reach for your craft scissors and not the ones you keep in the junk drawer?

Vintage Style Seam Binding Ribbons
Not feeling too much up to crafting just yet, I've been working on winding these little lovelies.  I'm just enamored with all the different colors these ribbons come in and they tie so beautifully.  I have also seen them on different projects in a rumpled style, but I think they look too cute wound on little clothespins.  Check back at ink & scissors for more colors coming your way.

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