Low Carb Diet: Weekend 1

Friday, July 08, 2016

My first weekend doing low-carb hasn't been too bad.  It really does help if we stay in instead of going out to eat because I can easily control the number of carbs I eat.

Just like last week, I've written down exactly what I ate and the number of steps a day I've been doing. 

A few takeaways from my first week:
  • COFFEE.  This has been my go-to solution for reducing my need to snack.  There's something about the act of sipping a hot beverage over a period of time that kind of takes away my cravings.  Plus...I just love coffee.
  • The longer I'm on this diet, the less I really have felt the need to snack.  I am a compulsive snacker when I'm bored so I just now either sip coffee or take a couple of laps around the office.
  • I don't feel as hungry anymore after a meal.  In general, I just feel more satisfied.
  • I find myself craving sweets even though I'm not a sweets-eating kind of person.

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